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Are the Methodists a Fallen People?

"But how can this question be decided?" You, and you, [1] can judge no farther than you see. You cannot judge of one part by another; of the people of London, suppose, by those of Bristol. And none but myself has an opportunity of seeing them throughout the three kingdoms.

But to come to a short issue. In most places, the Methodists are still a poor despised people, laboring under reproach and many inconveniences; therefore, wherever the power of God is not, they decrease. By this, then you may form a sure judgment. Do the Methodists in general decrease in number? Then they decrease in grace; they are a fallen, or, at least, a falling people. But they do not decrease in number; they continually increase. Therefore, they are not a fallen people.

The Conference concluded on Friday, as it began, in much love.

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