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City Road Chapel Begun

Monday, April 21, was the day appointed for laying the foundation of the new chapel. The rain befriended us much, by keeping away thousands who purposed to be there. But there were still such multitudes that it was with great difficulty I got through them to lay the first stone. Upon this was a plate of brass (covered with another stone) on which was engraved, "This was laid by Mr. John Wesley, on April 1, 1777." Probably this will be seen no more by any human eye, but will remain there till the earth and the works thereof are burned up.

Sunday, 27.--The sun breaking out, I snatched the opportunity of preaching to many thousands in Moorfields. All were still as night while I showed how "the Son of God was manifested to destroy the works of the devil" [see I John 3:8].

Wednesday, May 24.--At eleven I preached at Pocklington, with an eye to the death of that lovely woman, Mrs. Cross. A gay young gentleman, with a young lady, stepped in, stayed five minutes, and went out again with as easy an unconcern as if they had been listening to a ballad singer. I mentioned to the congregation the deep folly and ignorance implied in such behavior. These pretty fools never thought that for this very opportunity they are to give an account before men and angels!

In the evening I preached at York. I would gladly have rested the next day, feeling my breast much out of order. But notice having been given of my preaching at Tadcaster, I set out at nine in the morning. About ten the chaise broke down. I borrowed a horse; but as he was none of the easiest, in riding three miles I was so thoroughly electrified that the pain in my breast was quite cured. I preached in the evening at York; on Friday took the diligence; and on Saturday afternoon came to London.

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