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In Bethnal Green Hamlet

1777. Wednesday, January 1.--We met, as usual, to renew our covenant with God. It was a solemn season wherein many found His power present to heal and were enabled to urge their way with strength renewed.

Thursday, 2.--I began expounding, in order, the Book of Ecclesiastes. I never before had so clear a sight either of the meaning or the beauties of it. Neither did I imagine that the several parts of it were in so exquisite a manner connected together; all tending to prove that grand truth--that there is no happiness out of God.

Wednesday, 15.--I began visiting those of our society who lived in Bethnal Green hamlet. Many of them I found in such poverty as few can conceive without seeing it. Oh, why do not all the rich that fear God constantly visit the poor! Can they spend part of their spare time better? Certainly not. So they will find in that day when "every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor."

Such another scene I saw the next day in visiting another part of the society. I have not found any such distress, no, not in the prison of Newgate. One poor man was just creeping out of his sickbed to his ragged wife and three little children, who were more than half naked and the very picture of famine. When one brought in a loaf of bread, they all ran, seized upon it, and tore it in pieces in an instant. Who would not rejoice that there is another world?

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