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Field-preaching Expedient

Friday 14.--l returned to London. Saturday, 15. Having left orders for the immediate repairing of West Street Chapel, I went to see what they had done and saw cause to praise God for this also. The main timbers were so rotten that in many places one might thrust his fingers into them. So that probably, had we delayed till spring, the whole building must have fallen to the ground.

Monday, 17.--l went to Canterbury. Two hundred soldiers, I suppose, and a whole row of officers attended in the evening. Their number was increased the next evening, and all behaved as men fearing God. Wednesday, 19, I preached at Dover, in the new room which is just finished. Here also the hearers increase, some of whom are convinced and others comforted daily. Thursday, 20. I strongly applied at Canterbury to the soldiers in particular, "He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life" [I John 5:12]. The next day, in my return to London, I read Mr. Huygens's Conjectures on the Planetary World. He surprised me. I think he clearly proves that the moon is not habitable: that there are neither

Rivers nor mountains on her spotty globe;

that there is no sea, no water on her surface, nor any atmosphere; and hence he very rationally infers that "neither are any of the secondary planets inhabited." And who can prove that the primary are? I know the earth is. Of the rest I know nothing.

Sunday, 23.--A vast majority of the immense congregation in Moorfields were deeply serious. One such hour might convince any impartial man of the expediency of field-preaching. What building, except St. Paul's Church, would contain such a congregation? And if it would, what human voice could have reached them there? By repeated observations I find I can command thrice the number in the open air that I can under a roof. And who can say the time for field-preaching is over while 1) greater numbers than ever attend; 2) the converting, as well as convincing, power of God is eminently present with them?

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