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S. M.

Universal praise.




Let every creature join

To praise th' eternal God;

Ye heav'nly hosts, the song begin,

And sound his name abroad.

Thou sun with golden beams,

And moon with paler rays;

Ye starry lights, ye twinkling flames,

Shine to your Maker's praise.

He built those worlds above,

And fixed their wondrous frame;

By his command they stand or move,

And ever speak his name.

Ye vapors, when ye rise,

Or fall in showers of snow;

Ye thunders, murmuring round the skies,

His power and glory show.

Wind, hail, and flashing fire,

Agree to praise the Lord,

When ye in dreadful storms conspire

To execute his word.

By all his works above

His honors be expressed;

But saints that taste his saving love

Should sing his praises best.

Let earth and ocean know

They owe their Maker praise;

Praise him, ye wat'ry worlds below,

And monsters of the seas.

From mountains near the sky

Let his high praise resound;

From humble shrubs and cedars high,

And vales and fields around.

Ye lions of the wood,

And tamer beasts that graze,

Ye live upon his daily food,

And he expects your praise.

Ye birds of lofty wing,

On high his praises bear;

Or sit on flowery boughs, and sing

Your Maker's glory there.

Ye creeping ants and worms,

His various wisdom show,

And flies, in all your shining swarms,

Praise him that dressed you so.

By all the earth-born race

His honors be expressed;

But saints, that know his heav'nly grace

Should learn to praise him best.

Monarchs of wide command,

Praise ye th' eternal King;

Judges, adore that sovereign hand

Whence all your honors spring.

Let vig'rous youth engage

To sound his praises high:

While growing babes, and with'ring age,

Their feebler voices try.

United zeal be shown

His wondrous fame to raise:

God is the Lord; his name alone

Deserves our endless praise.

Let nature join with art,

And all pronounce him blest;

But saints, that dwell so near his heart,

Should sing his praises best.

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