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C. M.

Praise God, all his saints or, The saints judging the world.

All ye that love the Lord, rejoice,

And let your songs be new;

Amidst the church with cheerful voice

His later wonders show.

The Jews, the people of his grace,

Shall their Redeemer sing;

And Gentile nations join the praise,

While Zion owns her King.

The Lord takes pleasure in the just,

Whom sinners treat with scorn;

The meek that lie despised in dust

Salvation shall adorn.

Saints should be joyful in their King,

E'en on a dying bed;

And like the souls in glory sing;

For God shall raise the dead.

Then his high praise shall fill their tongues

Their hands shall wield the sword;

And vengeance shall attend their songs,

The vengeance of the Lord.

When Christ the judgment-seat ascends,

And bids the world appear,

Thrones are prepared for all his friends

Who humbly loved him here.

Then shall they rule with iron rod

Nations that dared rebel;

And join the sentence of their God

On tyrants doomed to hell.

The royal sinners bound in chains

New triumphs shall afford:

Such honor for the saints remains;

Praise ye, and love the Lord!

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