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HYMN 166

C. M.

The Divine Perfections.


How shall I praise th' eternal God,

That infinite Unknown?

Who can ascend his high abode,

Or venture near his throne?

[The great Invisible! he dwells

Concealed in dazzling light;

But his all-searching eye reveals

The secrets of the night.

Those watchful eyes that never sleep

Survey the world around

His wisdom is a boundless deep

Where all our thoughts are drowned.]

[Speak we of strength? his arm is strong

To save or to destroy;

Infinite years his life prolong,

And endless is his joy.]

[He knows no shadow of a change

Nor alters his decrees;

Firm as a rock his truth remains

To guard his promises.]

[Sinners before his presence die;

How holy is his name!

His anger and his jealousy

Burn like devouring flame.]

Justice upon a dreadful throne

Maintains the rights of God;

While Mercy sends her pardons down,

Bought with a Savior's blood.

Now to my soul, immortal King!

Speak some forgiving word;

Then 'twill be double joy to sing

The glories of my Lord.

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