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HYMN 165

C. M.

Unfruitfulness, ignorance, and unsanctified affections.


Long have I sat beneath the sound

Of thy salvation, Lord;

But still how weak my faith is found,

And knowledge of thy word!

Oft I frequent thy holy place,

And hear almost in vain;

How small a portion of thy grace

My memory can retain!

[My dear Almighty, and my God,

How little art thou known

By all the judgments of thy rod,

And blessings of thy throne!]

How cold and feeble is my love!

How negligent my fear!

How low my hope of joys above!

How few affections there!

Great God! thy sovereign power impart

To give thy word success;

Write thy salvation in my heart,

And make me learn thy grace.

[Show my forgetful feet the way

That leads to joys on high;

There knowledge grows without decay,

And love shall never die.]

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