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C. M.

A lovely carriage. Matt. 10:16.


O 'tis a lovely thing to see

A man of prudent heart,

Whose thoughts, and lips, and life agree

To act a useful part.

When envy, strife, and wars begin

In little angry souls,

Mark how the sons of peace come in,

And quench the kindling coals.

Their minds are humble, mild, and meek,

Nor let their fury rise;

Nor passion moves their lips to speak,

Nor pride exalts their eyes.

Their frame is prudence mixed with love,

Good works fulfil their day;

They join the serpent with the dove,

But cast the sting away.

Such was the Savior of mankind,

Such pleasures he pursued;

His flesh and blood were all refined,

His soul divinely good.

Lord, can these plants of virtue grow

In such a heart as mine?

Thy grace my nature can renew,

And make my soul like thine.

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