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C. M.

Truth, sincerity, etc. Phil. 4:8.


Let those who bear the Christian name

Their holy vows fulfil;

The saints, the followers of the Lamb,

Are men of honor still.

True to the solemn oaths they take,

Though to their hurt they swear;

Constant and just to all they speak,

For God and angels hear.

Still with their lips their hearts agree,

Nor flatt'ring words devise;

They know the God of truth can see

Through every false disguise.

They hate th' appearance of a lie

In all the shapes it wears;

They live in truth, and when they die,

Eternal life is theirs.

While hypocrites and liars fly

Before the Judge's frown,

His faithful friends, who fear a lie,

Receive th' immortal crown.

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