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A Sketch of the Life and Times of Bishop Taylor.

Chapter 1. Consideration of the General Instruments and Means Serving a Holy LIfe, by Way of Introduction.

Chapter II. Of Christian Sobriety.

Chapter III. Of Christian Justice.

Chapter IV. Of Christian Religion.

Of the internal Actions of Religion

Section I. Of Faith.

Section II.

Section III.

Section IV.

Section V.

Section VI.

Section VII.

Section VIII.

Section IX.

Section X.

Prayers for All Sorts of Men and All Necessities; Relating to the Several Parts of the Virtue of Religion.

A Prayer for the Graces of Faith, Hope, Charity.

Acts of Love by way of Prayer and Ejaculation; to be used in private.

A Prayer to be said in any Affliction, as Death of Children, of Husband or Wife, in great Poverty, in Imprisonment, in a sad and disconsolate Spirit, and in Temptations to despair.

Ejaculations and short Meditations to be used in time of Sickness and Sorrow, or Danger of Death.

An Act of Faith concerning the Resurrection and the Day of Judgment, to be said by Sick Persons, or meditated.

Short Prayers to be said by Sick Persons.

Acts of Hope, to be used by Sick Persons after a pious Life.

A Prayer to be said in behalf of a Sick or Dying Person.

A Prayer to be said in a Storm at Sea.

Then make an Act of Resignation thus:

A Form of a Vow to be made in this or the like Danger.

A Prayer before a Journey.

A Prayer to be said before the hearing or reading the Word of God.

A Form of Confession of Sins and Repentance, to be used upon Fasting Days, or Days of Humiliation, especially in Lent, and before the Holy Sacrament.

The Prayer.

Special Devotions to be used upon the Lords Day, and the great Festivals of Christians.

A Prayer to be said on the Feast of Christmas, or the Birth of our blessed Saviour Jesus; the same also may be said upon the Feast of the Annunciation and Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Prayer to be said upon our Birth-day, or Day of Baptism.

A Prayer to be said upon the Days of the Memory of Apostles, Martyrs, etc.

A Form of Prayer recording all the parts and mysteries of Christs Passion, being a short history of it: to be used especially in the week of the Passions, and before the receiving the blessed Sacrament.

The Prayer.

A Form of Prayer or Intercession for all Estates of People in the Christian church. The parts of which may be added to any other forms; and the whole office, entirely as it lies, is proper to be said in our preparation to the Holy Sacrament, or on the day of celebration.

The Manner of using these Devotions by way of Preparation to the receiving of the blessed Sacrament of the Lords Supper.

A Prayer of Preparation or Address to the Holy Sacrament.

Ejaculations to be said before or at the receiving the Holy Sacrament.


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