« Elihoreph Elihu Elijah »


(whose God is he (Jehovah)).

  • One of the interlocutors in the book of Job. [Job, Job, Book Of] He is described as the “son of Baerachel the Buzite.”
  • A forefather of Samuel the prophet. (1 Samuel 1:1)
  • In (1 Chronicles 27:18) Elihu “of the brethren of David” is mentioned as the chief of the tribe of Judah.
  • One of the captains of the thousands of Manasseh, (1 Chronicles 12:20) who followed David to Ziklag after he had left the Philistine army on the eve of the battle of Gilboa.
  • A Korhite Levite in the time of David. (1 Chronicles 26:7)
« Elihoreph Elihu Elijah »
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