« Dearth Debir Deborah »


king of Eglon; one of the five kings hanged by Joshua. (Joshua 10:3,23) (B.C. 1440.)

(a sanctuary), the name of three places of Palestine.

  • A town in the mountains of Judah, (Joshua 15:49) one of a group of eleven cities to the west of Hebron. The earlier name of Debir was Kirjath-sepher, “city of book,” (Joshua 15:15; Judges 1:11) and Kirjath-sannah, “city of palm.” (Joshua 15:49) It was one of the cities given with their “suburbs” to the priests. (Joshua 21:15; 1 Chronicles 6:58) Debir has not been discovered with certainty in modern times; but about three miles to the west of Hebron is a deep and secluded valley called the Wady Nunkur, enclosed on the north by hills, of which one bears a name certainly suggestive of Debir—Dewir-ban.
  • A place on the north boundary of Judah, near the “valley of Achor.” (Joshua 15:7) A Wady Dabor is marked in Van Deuteronomy Velde’s map as close to the south of Neby Musa, at the northwest corner of the Dead Sea.
  • The “border of Debir” is named as forming part of the boundary of Gad, (Joshua 13:26) and as apparently not far from Mahanaim.
« Dearth Debir Deborah »
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