« Jahziel Jair Jairite »



  • A man who on his father’s side was descended from Judah, and on his mother’s from Manasseh. (B.C. 1451.) During, the conquest he took the whole of the tract of Argob (3:14) and in addition possessed himself of some nomad villages in Gilead, which he called after his own name Havoth-Jair. (Numbers 32:41; 1 Chronicles 2:23)
  • JAIR THE GILEADITE, who judged Israel for two-and-twenty years. (Judges 10:3-5) (B.C. 1160.) He had thirty sons, and possessed thirty cities in the land of Gilead, which like those of their namesakes were called Havoth-jair.
  • A Benjamite, son of Kish and father of Mordecai. (Esther 2:5) (B.C. before 598.)
  • The father of Elhanan, one of the heroes of David’s army. (1 Chronicles 20:6)
« Jahziel Jair Jairite »
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