Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament, Vol. I

by Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener


Frederick Scrivener was a British biblical scholar of the 19th century who dedicated his research to the New Testament. In Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament, Scrivener studies over 3,000 manuscripts of the New Testament. Many of the accounts in this volume have been written or compiled by leading scholars in the fields of Greek and Latin classics or biblical studies. This first volume contains Scrivener's preliminary considerations where he explains the importance of textual criticism and introduces the reader to the types of manuscripts contained in the volume. Then Scrivener presents the general character of the Greek manuscripts, exploring the various writing materials, styles, and literary conventions associated with individual manuscripts. The majority of this volume is filled with the uncial manuscripts of the Book of Acts, the Gospels, and Paul's epistles. These uncial manuscripts are written in the Greek or Latin script of the early centuries. The wealth of manuscripts contained in this book is unrivaled. As a result of completing a project of this latitude, Scrivener will be remembered for decades.

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Picture of Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener
Picture of Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener
Source: Wikipedia
Born: September 29, 1813
Died: October 30, 1891
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