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Canon LXI.  (Greek lxiv.)

Of spectacles, that they be not celebrated on Lord’s days nor on the festivals of the Saints.

Furthermore, it must be sought that theatrical spectacles and the exhibition of other plays be removed from the Lord’s day and the other most sacred days of the Christian religion, especially because on the octave day of the holy Easter [i.e., Low Sunday] the people assemble rather at the circus than at church, and they should be transferred to some other day when they happen to fall upon a day of devotion, nor shall any Christian be compelled to witness these spectacles,460460    Here ends the Greek text. especially because in the performance of things contrary to the precepts of God there should be no persecution made by anyone, but (as is right) a man should exercise the free will given him by God.  Especially also should be considered the peril of the cooperators who, contrary to the precepts of God, are forced by great fear to attend the shews.


Ancient Epitome of Canon LXI.

There shall be no theatrical representations upon Lord’s days or feast days.

This is Canon V. of the Synod of Carthage, June 15th (16), a.d. 401.

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