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473Canon LX.  (Greek lxiii.)

Of heathen feasts.

This also must be sought, that (since contrary to the divine precepts feasts are held in many places, which have been induced by the heathen error, so that now Christians are forced to celebrate these by heathens, from which state of things it happens that in the times of the Christian Emperors a new persecution seems to have secretly arisen:)  they order such things to be forbidden and prohibit them from cities and possessions under pain of punishment; especially should this be done since they do not fear to commit such iniquities in some cities even upon the natal days of most blessed martyrs, and in the very sacred places themselves.  For upon these days, shame to say, they perform the most wicked leapings throughout the fields and open places, so that matronal honour and the modesty of innumerable women who have come out of devotion for the most holy day are assaulted by lascivious injuries, so that all approach to holy religion itself is almost fled from.


Ancient Epitome of Canon LX.

The Greek feasts must cease to be kept, because of their impropriety, and because they seduce many Christians, moreover they are celebrated on the commemorations of the martyrs.

This is Canon iv. of the Synod of Carthage, Aug. 15 (or 16), a.d. 401.


Bishop Beveridge and Tilius’s edition of these canons, in Greek and Latin, number the two preceding canons as I have done in the margin, with the same figures [viz.:  63].  I follow them in this error because by this means the reader may more readily be referred from the Latin original and from this English translation to the Greek.

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