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191The Third Ecumenical Council.

The Council of Ephesus.

a.d. 431.

Emperors.—Theodosius II. and Valentinian III.

Pope.—Celestine I.


Historical Introduction.

Note on the Emperor’s Edict to the Synod.

Extracts from the Acts, Session I.

St. Cyril’s Letter to Nestorius, Intelligo quos dam

Continuation of Session I.

Historical Introduction to Cyril’s Anathematisms.

The Canonical Epistle of St. Cyril, Cum Salvator noster

The XII. Anathematisms of St. Cyril, and Nestorius’s Counter-anathematisms, with Notes.

Excursus to Anath. I., On the word Θεοτόκος .

Excursus to Anath. IX., On how our Lord worked Miracles, with Theodoret’s Counter-statement.

Extracts from the Acts, Session I. continued.

Decree against Nestorius, with Notes.

Extracts from the Acts, Session II.

St. Celestine’s Letter to the Synod.

Continuation of Session II.

Session III.

The Canons, with the Ancient Epitome, and Notes.

Excursus to Canon j., On the Conciliabulum of John of Antioch.

Excursus to Canon iv., On Pelagianism.

Excursus to Canon vii., On the words πίστιν ἑτέραν

A Letter from the Synod to the Synod in Pamphylia.

The Letter of the Synod to Pope Celestine.

The Definition against the Messalians, with Notes.

The Decree reEupreprius and Cyril.

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