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Epistle LVIII.

To all the Bishops throughout Helladia16261626    Meaning, we may suppose, the province of Achaia, of which Corinth was the metropolis..

Gregory to all bishops constituted in the province of Helladia.

I return thanks with you, dearest brethren, to Almighty God, who has caused the hidden sore which the ancient enemy had introduced to come to the knowledge of all, and has cut it away by a wholesome incision from the body of His Church.  Herein we have cause both to rejoice and to mourn; to rejoice, that is, for 187bthe correction of a crime, but to mourn for the fall of a brother.  But, since for the most part the fall of one is wont to be the safeguard of another, whosoever fears to fall, let him give heed to this, that he afford no way of approach to the enemy, nor think that deeds done lie hidden.  For the Truth proclaims, There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed (Matth. x. 26).  For this voice is already the herald of our doings, and He himself, being witness, brings in all ways to public view what is done in secret.  And who may strive to hide his deeds before Him Who is both their witness and their judge?  But, since sometimes, when one thing is attended to, another is not guarded against, it behoves every one to be watchful against all the snares of the enemy, lest, while he conquers in one point he be vanquished in another.  For an earthly enemy too, when he desires to invade fortified places, thus employs the art of warfare.  For indeed he lays ambushes latently; but shews himself as though entirely bent on the storming of one place, so that, while there is a running together for defence of that place where the danger is imminent, other places about which there is no suspicion may be taken.  And the result is, that he who, when perceived, was repulsed by the valour of his opponent, obtains by stealth what he could not obtain by fighting.  But, since in all these things there is need of the aid of divine protection, let every one of us cry to the Lord with the voice of the heart, saying, Lord, remove not Thy help far from me; Look Thou to my defence (Ps. xxi. 20)16271627    In English Bible, xxii..  For it is manifest that, unless He Himself should help, and defend those who cry to Him, our enemy cannot be vanquished.

Furthermore, know ye that, having received the letter of your Charity through Andrew our brother and fellow-bishop, we have transmitted the pallium to John our brother, the bishop of the Corinthians; whom it is by all means fitting that you should obey, especially as the order of ancient custom claims this, and his good qualities, to which you yourselves bear testimony, invite it.  For from the account given me by certain persons I have learnt that in those parts no one attains to any sacred order without the giving of a consideration.  If this is so, I say with tears, I declare with groans, that, when the priestly order has fallen inwardly, neither will it be able to stand long outwardly.  For we know from the Gospel what our Redeemer did in person; how He went into the temple, and overthrew the seats of them that sold doves.  For in truth to sell doves is to receive a temporal consideration for the Holy Spirit, whom, being consubstantial with Himself, Almighty God gives to men through imposition of hands.  And, as I have said before, what follows from this evil is intimated; for the seats of them that presumed to sell doves in the temple of God fell by God’s judgment.  And in truth this transgression is propagated with increase among subordinates.  For he who is advanced to a sacred order already tainted in the very root of his promotion is himself more prepared to sell to others what he has bought.  And where is that which is written, Freely ye have received; freely give (Matth. x. 8)?  And, since the simoniacal heresy was the first to arise against the holy Church, why is it not considered, why is it not seen, that whosoever ordains any one for a price in promoting him causes him to become a heretic?  And so we exhort that none of you suffer this to be done any more; or dare to promote any to sacred orders for the favour or supplication of any person, except such a one as the character of his life and actions has shewn to be worthy.  For, if we should perceive the contrary in future, know ye that it will be repressed with strict and canonical punishment.  Given on the 15th day of the month of August, Indiction 13.

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