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24Manuscripts and Editions of Separate Works.


The editions of the Ecclesiastical History are the most numerous, though of several others there are many. Of the collected works the following are the principal.

(i) Editio princeps, of Paulus Manutius, Latin Version only. Rome 1556.

(ii) J. Birckman, fol. 2 voll. Latin only Cologne 1573.

(iii) J. Sirmond, 4 voll. fol. Greek and Latin, Paris 1642.

To this the Auctarium of J. Garnier, with his dissertations was added in 1684.

(iv) John Lewis Schulze, Greek and Latin, based upon the preceding, in 5 voll. Halle, 1774.

(v) Migne’s edition of the foregoing. Paris 1860.

(The last-named is the Edition used for the translation in this work.)

The mss. authority for the works of Theodoret is strong. The afore-named editions are based on ms. in the libraries of Augsburg, Florence, Rome and Naples.

To works on Theodoret mentioned in the notes may be added:—

S. Küpper, Ausgew, Schriften des sel. Theodoret aus dem Urtext übers.

E. Binder, Études sur Theodoret. Geneva, 1844.

Specht, Theodor von Mopsuestia, und Theodoret von Cyrus. Munich, 1871.

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