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A Treatise against two letters of the pelagians,25262526     [When Augustin’s friend Alypius brought to Africa the extracts from Julian’s reply to Augustin’s first book On Marriage and Concupiscence, which were sent by Count Valerius, and which occasioned the writing of his second book on the same subject (see above, pp. 259 and 281), he also brought two letters sent by Pope Boniface; the one ascribed to Julian, and the other to eighteen bishops including Julian, which attacked the catholic faith, and Augustin personally. It was in answer to these that this treatise was written.—W.]

by aurelius augustin, bishop of hippo;

In Four Books,

written to boniface, bishop of the roman church, in opposition to two letters of the pelagians, a.d. 420, or a little later


Book I.

Augustin replies to a letter sent by Julian, as it was said, to Rome; and first of all vindicates the catholic doctrine from his calumnies; then discovers and confutes the heretical sense of the Pelagians hidden in that profession of faith which the author of the letter opposed to the catholics.

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