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The following system of transliteration has been used for Hebrew:

א = ’ or omitted at the ז = z ע = ‘

beginning of a word.

ח = ḥ פּ = p
בּ = b ט = ṭ פ = ph or p
ב = bh or b י = y צ = ẓ
גּ = g כּ = k ק = ḳ
ג = gh or g כ = kh or k ר = r
דּ = d ל = l ש = s
ד = dh or d מ = m שׁ = sh
ה = h נ = n תּ = t
ו = w ס = s ת = th or t

The vowels are transcribed by a, e, i, o, u, without attempt to indicate quantity or quality. Arabic and other Semitic languages are transliterated according to the same system as Hebrew. Greek is written with Roman characters, the common equivalents being used.

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