GAMS, gyms, PIUS BONIFATIUS: German Roman Catholic; b. at Mittelbuch (a village of Württemberg) Jan. 23, 1816; d. at Munich May 11, 1892. He studied at Tübingen, and became vicar at Achstettin and Gmund in 1838 and teacher at Horb in 1841. He made a scientific journey at the expense of the State in 1842-43, and in the fol lowing year was appointed acting pastor at Wurm lingen and professor at Rottweil. After serving as teacher at Gmiind, he became professor of theology and philosophy at the episcopal seminary of Hildes heim in 1847, but in 1855 entered the Benedictine monastery of St. Boniface at Munich. Gams was a prolific writer, his principal works being: Aus gang and Ziel der Geschichte (Tübingen, 1850); Die Geschichte der Kirche Jesu Christi im .neunzehnten Jahrhundert (3 vols., Innsbruck, 1854-58; sup plementary volume; 1860); Margott, die Siege der Kirche im ersten Jahrzehnt des Pontifikats Pius IX. (1860); Kateehetische Reden gehalten in der Basilika zu München (2 vols., Regensburg, 1862); Kirch.en geschichte von Spanien (3 vols., 1862-79); Das Jahr des Martyrtodes der heiligen Apostel Petrus and Paulus (1867); Zur Geschichte der spanischen Staatsinquisitian (1878); and Der Bonifacivsverein in Deutschland 1850-1880 (Paderborn, 1880). He wrote also a biography of J. A. Mohler (Regensburg, 1866) and edited his Kirchengeschichte (3 vols., 1867-68), as well as the Series episcoporum ecclesia catholiea quotquot innotuerunt a beato Petro apostolo

GANGRA, SYNOD OF (circa 340). See Eustathius of Sebaste.

GANNON, THOMAS JOSEPH: Roman Catho lic; b. at Cambridge, Mass., July 14, 1853. He studied at Boston College, which he left in 1872 to encer the Society of Jesus. He studied the usual courses of the Society at Frederic, Md. (1872-75, 1889-90), and Woodstock College, Woodstock, Md. (1875-78, 1883-87), and was professor of Latin, Greek, and mathematics at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass., 1878-83. He taught philosophy at Boston College (1887-88) and at Woodstock College (1888-89), and after being assistant to his provincial in 1890-91 was president of St. John's College, Fordham, N. Y., until 1896. He was then again assistant to two provincials for five years; in 1901-06 provincial of the Maryland-New York province, and in 1907 became instructor of ter-

tiaries in the Novitiate of St. Andrew-on-Hudson, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He has been a member of the Missionary Band since 1906.


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