FRONTON, frsu"tou', DU DUC (also Fronton le Duc; Lat. Fronto Ducwus): A learned Roman Catholic writer; b. at Bordeaux 1558; d. in Paris Sept. 25, 1624. He was a son of a councilor of the parliament of Bordeaux, entered the Society of Jesus in 1577, and acted as teacher at Pont-AMousson,Bordeaux, and Paris, where he became librarian of the College of Clermont in 1604. A friend of Casaubon and very well known as a Greek scholar, he revised the text of the works of the Greek Fathers and translated them into Latin, with the addition of notes (Bibliotheca patrum grwco-latina, 2 vols., Paris, 1624). He also wrote three volumes against Du Plessis-Momay's book on the Eucharist (Bordeaux, 1599-1~6,02 ).

(Eugène Choisy.)

Bibliography: Niedron, Mémoires, xxxviii. 103; A. and A. de Backer, Bibliothbque den krsroaiw de la aoei&k de Jdaw, iii. 233, 7 vols., Liége, 1853-61; H. Hurter, No menclator literardua recentioria 0eologia catholsca, I. 330, Innsbruck, 1892.

FROSSARD, free"ser', BENJAMIN SIGISMOND: French Protestant; b. at Nyon (14 m. n. of Geneva), Switzerland, 1754; d. at Montauban (110 m. s.e. of Bordeaux) Jan. 3, 1830. He studied theology at Geneva and in 1777 became pastor of the Reformed Church at Lyons, where he remained till the siege of the city in 1793. While visiting England in 1785 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford. In 1795 he became professor of morals in the lvcole Centrals of ClermontFerrand. Later he went to Paris, became a member of the consistory there, and collaborated with Rabaut-Pommier in the preparation of the organic articles of the Reformed worship. In 1809 he was charged with the organization of a Protestant theological faculty in Montauban, where he became pastor and president of the consistory. In 1810 he became the first dean of the new faculty and professor of morals and sacred eloquence. The reaction of 1815 deprived him of both deanship and pastorate, though he retained his professorship. His chief publications are a translation of Hugh Blair's sermons (3 vols., Lyons, 1782); La Cause des enclaves n~gres et des habitants de la Guin& (2 vols., 1789); and Le Christianisme des gene du monde mis en opposition avec le veritable Christianisme (2 vols., Montauban, 1831), a translation of Wilberforce's Practical View.

Bibliography: Lichtenberger, ESR, v. 345-346, Paris, 1878, where sources are indicated.


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