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The Elementary Articles.

Heb. vi. 1, 2.


Διὸ ἀφέντες τὸν τῆς ἀρχῆς τοῦ Χριστοῦ λόγον, ἐπὶ τῆν τελειότητα φερώμεθα· μὴ πάλιν θεμέλιον καταβαλλόμενοι

Therefore, leaving the word concerning the beginning of [the] Christ, let us go unto perfection [maturity], not laying again a foundation

μετανοίας ἀπὸ νεκρῶν ἔργων,

of repentance from dead works,

καὶ πίστεως ἐπὶ θεὸν,

and of faith in God,

βαπτισμῶν διδαχῆς,

of the doctrine of baptisms [washings],

ἐπιθέσεώς τε χειρῶν,

and of laying on of hands,

ἀναστάσεώς τε νεκρῶν,

and of resurrection of the dead,

καὶ κρίματος αἰωνίου.

and of eternal judgment.


Note.—Many commentators suppose that the sacred writer here refers to the fundamental and elementary articles of catechetical instruction in the apostolic Church; but the articles mentioned were held by Christians in common with the Jews, and are distinguished from the fullness of Christian knowledge ( τελειότης ), or 'the strong meat for those who are of full age' (ver. 14). The passage has only a remote bearing on creeds. For details, see the commentaries of Bleek, Tholuck, Delitzsch, Lünemann, Alford, Moll and Kendrick.


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