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Section LII.

[1] 36183618    John xix. 28.And after that, Jesus knew that all things were finished; and that the scripture [2] might be accomplished, he said, I thirst.  36193619    John xix. 29a; Matt. xxvii. 48.And there was set a vessel full of vinegar:  and in that hour one of them hasted, and took a sponge, and filled it with that [3] vinegar, 36203620    Mark xv. 36b.and fastened it on a reed, and brought it near36213621    cf. § 12, 13, note. his mouth to give him a [4] drink.  36223622    John xix. 30a.And when Jesus had taken that vinegar, he said, Everything is finished.  [5] 36233623    Matt. xxvii. 49; Luke xxiii. 34.But the rest said, Let be, that we may36243624    Or, Let us. see whether Elijah cometh to save him.  [6, 7] 36253625    Luke xxiii. 46a.And Jesus said, My Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.  And Jesus cried again with a loud voice, and said, My Father, into thy hands I commend36263626    Lit. lay down. my spirit.  36273627    John xix. 30b.He said that, and bowed his head, and gave up his spirit.

[8] 36283628    Matt. xxvii. 51.And immediately the face of36293629    cf. Syriac versions and Ibn-at-Tayyib’s Commentary.  Vat. ms. omits the face of. the door of the temple was rent into two parts from [9] top to bottom; 36303630    Matt. xxvii. 52.and the earth was shaken; and the stones were split to pieces; and the [Arabic, p. 197] tombs were opened; and the bodies of many saints which slept, arose and [10] came forth; 36313631    Matt. xxvii. 53.and after his resurrection they entered into the holy city and [11] appeared unto many.  36323632    Matt. xxvii. 54.And the officer of the footsoldiers, and they that were with him who were guarding Jesus,36333633    This sentence is a good example of word-for-word translation of the Peshitta. when they saw the earthquake, and the things which came [12] to pass, feared greatly, and praised God, and said, 36343634    Luke xxiii. 47b; Matt. xxvii. 54b.This man was righteous; and, [13] Truly he was the Son of God.  36353635    Luke xxiii. 48.And all the multitudes that were come together to the sight, when they saw what came to pass, returned and smote upon their breasts.

124[14] 36363636    John xix. 31.And the Jews, because of the Friday, said, Let these bodies not remain on their crosses,36373637    The word is probably plural. because it is the morning of the sabbath (for that sabbath was a great day); and they asked of Pilate that they might break the legs of those that were [15] crucified, and take them down.  36383638    John xix. 32.And the soldiers came, and brake the legs of the [16] first, and that other which was crucified with him:  36393639    John xix. 33.but when they came to Jesus, [17] they saw that he had died before, so they brake not his legs:  36403640    John xix. 34.but one of the soldiers pierced36413641    Lit. ripped. him in his side with a spear, and immediately there came forth blood and [18] water.  36423642    John xix. 35.And he that hath seen hath borne witness, and his witness is true:  and he [19] knoweth that he hath said the truth, that ye also may believe.  36433643    John xix. 36.This he did, that [20] the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, A bone shall not be broken in him; 36443644    John xix. 37.and the scripture also which saith, Let them look upon him whom they pierced.36453645    Lit. ripped.

[21] 36463646    Luke xxiii. 49a; Mark xv. 41b.And there were in the distance all the acquaintance of Jesus standing, and the women that came with him from Galilee, those that followed him and ministered.  [22] 36473647    Matt. xxvii. 56a; Mark xv. 40b.One of them was Mary Magdalene; and Mary the mother of James the little and [23] [Arabic, p. 198] Joses, 36483648    Matt. xxvii. 56c; Mark xv. 40c, 41c.and the mother of the sons of Zebedee, and Salome, and many others which came up with him unto Jerusalem; 36493649    Luke xxiii. 49b.and they saw that.

[24] 36503650    Mark xv. 42.And when the evening of the Friday was come, because of the entering of the [25] sabbath, 36513651    Luke xxiii. 50.there came a rich man,36523652    Matt. xxvii. 57. a noble36533653    Borg. ms. omits. of Ramah,36543654    Luke xxiii. 51b. a city of Judah,36553655    Syriac versions. named Joseph, and he was a good man and upright; 36563656    John xix. 38b.and he was a36573657    Lit. the. disciple of Jesus, but [26] was concealing himself for fear of the Jews.  36583658    Luke xxiii. 51a.And he did not agree with the accusers [27] in their desire and their deeds:  36593659    Luke xxiii. 51c.and he was looking for the kingdom of God.  36603660    Mark xv. 43b.And this man went boldly, and entered in unto Pilate, and asked of him the body of [28] Jesus.  36613661    Mark xv. 44.And Pilate wondered how he had died already:  and he called the officer of [29] the footsoldiers, and asked him concerning his death before the time.  36623662    Mark xv. 45a.And when [30] he knew, he commanded him to deliver up his body unto Joseph.  36633663    Matt. xxvii. 58b; Mark xv. 46a.And Joseph bought for him a winding cloth of pure linen, and took down the body of Jesus, [31] and wound it in it; and they came and took it.  36643664    John xix. 38d; John xix. 39.And there came unto him Nicodemus also, who of old came unto Jesus by night; and he brought with him perfume36653665    The preparation used in embalming. [32] of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred pounds.  36663666    John xix. 40.And they took the body of Jesus, and wound it in the linen and the perfume, as was the custom of the Jews to bury.

[33] 36673667    John xix. 41.And there was in the place where Jesus was crucified a garden; and in that garden [34] a new tomb cut out in a rock,36683668    Mark xv. 46.  Lit. a stone. wherein was never man yet laid.  36693669    John xix. 42.And they left [35] Jesus there because the sabbath had come in, and because the tomb was near.  36703670    Matt. xxvii. 60b.And they pushed36713671    On the plural, which is to be found also in Ibn-at-Tayyib’s Commentary, see § 38, 43, note (end).  The word chosen might be simply a clerical error for an original Arabic rolled. a great stone, and thrust36723672    Lit. cast (cf. Sinaitic). it against the door of the sepulchre, and [36] went away.  36733673    Mark xv. 47a.And Mary Magdalene and Mary that was related to Joses came to [37] [Arabic, p. 199] the sepulchre after them,36743674    Dual.  The clause (from came) is found verbatim in Sin. and Cur. at Luke xxiii. 55.  Here, after the word Luke of the reference, at the end of leaf 117 of Vat. ms., is a note by a later hand:  “Here a leaf is wanting.”  This second and last lacuna extends from § 52, 37, to § 53, 4.  36753675    Luke xxiii. 55b.and sat opposite the sepulchre,36763676    Matt. xxvii. 61b. and saw the [38] body, how they took it in and laid it there.  36773677    Luke xxiii. 56a; Mark xvi. 1b.And they returned, and bought ointment36783678    cf. Sinaitic. and perfume,36793679    The two Arabic words are practically synonymous (cf. Luke xxiii. 56, Pesh.). and prepared36803680    Luke xxiii. 56. it, that they might come and anoint him.  [39] 36813681    Luke xxiii. 56c.And on the day which was the sabbath day they desisted according to the command.

[40, 41] 36823682    Matt. xxvii. 62.And the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered unto Pilate, and said unto him, 36833683    Matt. xxvii. 63.Our lord, we remember that that misleader said, while he was alive, After three days [42] I rise.  36843684    Matt. xxvii. 64.And now send beforehand and guard the tomb36853685    The ms. omits the tomb. until the third day,36863686    Lit. three days. lest his disciples come and steal him by night, and they will say unto the people that he [43] is risen from the dead:  and the last error shall be worse than the first.  36873687    Matt. xxvii. 65.He said unto them, And have ye not guards?36883688    The word might be taken as a collective noun, singular.  But cf. Peshitta and § 52, 51. go, and take precautions as ye know how.  [44] 36893689    Matt. xxvii. 66.And they went, and set guards at the tomb, and sealed that stone, with the guards.

[45] 36903690    Matt. xxviii. 1a; Luke xxiv. 1b.And in the evening of the sabbath, which is the morning of the first day, and in [46] the dawning36913691    cf. Peshitta.  The Arabic word is variously explained. while the darkness yet remained, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and other women to see the tomb.  36923692    Matt. xxviii. 1b; Luke xxiv. 1d.They brought with them the [47] perfume which they had prepared, and said among themselves, 36933693    Mark xvi. 3.Who is it that will 125[48] remove for us the stone from the door of the tomb? for it was very great.  36943694    Mark xvi. 4b; Matt. xxviii. 2a.And when they said thus, there occurred a great earthquake; and an angel came down [49] from heaven, and came and removed the stone from the door.  36953695    Luke xxiv. 2; Matt. xxviii. 2b.And they came and found the stone removed from the sepulchre, and the angel sitting upon the [50] stone.  36963696    Matt. xxviii. 3.And his appearance was as the lightning, and his raiment white as the [51] snow:  36973697    Matt. xxviii. 4.and for fear of him the guards were troubled, and became as dead men.  [52] 36983698    Luke xxiv. 3.And when he went away, the women entered into the sepulchre; and they found [53] [Arabic, p. 200] not the body of Jesus.  36993699    Mark xvi. 5b.And they saw there a young man sitting on the [54] right, arrayed in a white garment; and they were amazed.37003700    The diacritical points of the first letter must be corrected.  37013701    Matt. xxviii. 5.And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear ye not:  for I know that ye seek Jesus the [55] Nazarene, who hath been crucified.  He is not here; but he is risen, as he said.  37023702    Matt. xxviii. 6.Come and see the place where our Lord lay.

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