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V.32963296    Chapter xxx.

Abgar sends princes to Marinus; these deputies see our Saviour Christ; beginning of the conversion of Abgar.

At this period Marinus, son of Storoge, was raised by the emperor to the government of Phœnicia, Palestine, Syria, and Mesopotamia.  Abgar sent to him two of his principal officers, Mar-Ihap prince of Aghtznik, and Chamchacram chief of the house of the Abahouni, as well as Anan his confidant.  The envoys proceed to the town of Petkoupine to make known to Marinus the reasons of Abgar’s journey to the East, showing him the treaty concluded between Ardachès and his brothers, and at the same time to call upon Marinus for his support.  The deputies found the Roman governor at Eleutheropolis; he received them with friendship and distinction, and gave this answer to Abgar:  “Fear nothing from the emperor on that account, provided you take good care to pay the tribute regularly.”

On their return, the Armenian deputies went to Jerusalem to see our Saviour the Christ, being attracted by the report of His miracles.  Having themselves become eye-witnesses of these wonders, they related them to Abgar.  This prince, 704seized with admiration, believed truly that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, and said:  “These wonders are not those of a man, but of a God.  No, there is no one amongst men who can raise the dead:  God alone has this power.”  Abgar felt in his whole body certain acute pains which he had got in Persia, more than seven years before; from men he had received no remedy for his sufferings; Abgar sent a letter of entreaty to Jesus:  he prayed Him to come and cure him of his pains.  Here is this letter:—

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