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CHAPTER 1—A Summary

Sanctification and Holiness synonymous, what holiness implies, a sanctified body, distinct from justification, holiness necessary to qualify for heaven, to present happiness, to usefulness, its attainableness, commanded, examples, how attained, confession, faith, presumption

CHAPTER 2—Holiness Not Understood

Difference of opinion as to meaning, not recognized in Job, in Christ, His warning to His disciples, Wesley, Whitefield defamed, professors of holiness condone popular sins, slavery, secretism, persecution of holy men, false standard, not absolute perfection

CHAPTER 3—Nature Of Holiness

Edwards on holiness of God, of man derived, not the result of refinement, or discipline, being not doing, Christ’s order reversed, Wesley’s “Almost Christian,” retrogression

CHAPTER 4—Properties Of Holiness

Negative characteristics, intolerant of false worship, consideration of Scriptures commonly held to teach necessity of sin

CHAPTER 5—Attributes Of Holiness—Deliverance From Pride

Roman Catholic teaching, purity without pride, pride in children, denominational pride

CHAPTER 6—Attributes Of Holiness—Unselfishness

Selfishness, self-love, regulated, selfishness sanctioned by pew renting, church fairs, enabled by grace to take a stand against these, holiness and selfishness cannot dwell together

CHAPTER 7—Attributes Of Holiness—Control Of Appetites

Holiness precludes unlawful and inordinate indulgence, saves from depraved appetites, tobacco, opium, spirits, holiness gives deliverance

CHAPTER 8—Attributes Of Holiness—Love

Holiness frees from hatred, hostility, prejudice, envy

CHAPTER 9—Attributes Of Holiness—Hatred Of Sin

Slavery condoned by spurious holiness, also popular sins, true holiness recognizes, hates, opposes sin in self, others, is aggressive, will ensure persecution, and enable one to stand

CHAPTER 10—Attributes Of Holiness—Honesty In Business

Justice done in business, no advantage taken because of lack of knowledge or because of position

CHAPTER 11—Attributes Of Holiness—Impartiality

Brotherhood of man recognized, in free seats in churches, in giving respect to character, not rank or wealth

CHAPTER 12—Attributes Of Holiness—Love To God

This is supreme, shown by desires to please Him, to know His will revealed in the Bible, in nature, by supporting only those who preach truth, by obedience to all His commands, by a Spirit of devotion, by praises

CHAPTER 13—Attributes Of Holiness—Trust In God

For grace, in emergencies, for temporal help in trials

CHAPTER 14—Attributes Of Holiness—Love To Man

Interest in others, especially in brethren in Christ, shown by early Christians, not an indiscriminate love, love to enemies


Not of earthly origin, undervalued, scripture instances, and teaching, also of Wesley, Edwards, and hymns, essential

CHAPTER 16—Examples Of Holiness

Abel, Enoch, Noah, Job

CHAPTER 17—Limits Of Sanctification

Sin in any form incapable of sanctification, money worship, pride, the drama, the attempt, a cause of corruption to the church

CHAPTER 18—A Present Experience

Not placed in the future, present deliverance possible

CHAPTER 19—How Obtained

Determination, independence, self-sacrifice, “sanctify yourselves,” confession, trust

CHAPTER 20—How Retained

Respect to scriptural teachings, things to be done, kept by power and love of God

CHAPTER 21—How Lost

Yielding to temptation, relationship of him who has lost holiness, doubts, unbelief, experience of Fletcher, can one lose holiness without losing justification, degrees of holiness

CHAPTER 22—Professing Holiness

Necessity, be definite, unfounded professions, lack in professors, not temperate, conformed to the world in dress, humility, profess holiness if you have it, a false holiness, Methodist Discipline condemns

CHAPTER 23—A Powerless Profession

Want of usefulness, seek perfect love, confess your lack

CHAPTER 24—Kinds Of Holiness

True holiness, characteristics, aristocratic, fanatical, covetous holiness

CHAPTER 25—Defective Holiness

Ineffective because defective, in spirituality, loyalty to church rather than to God, early church, Luther, Wesley

CHAPTER 26—False Holiness

Based on false assumption, and teachings, sanctification a change not only in relation but in nature, teaching of 1 Thess. 23-4

CHAPTER 27—A Fighting Holiness—Sanctification In Streaks

Holiness not quarrelsome, not compromising, but unyielding to evil, sanctified in streaks

CHAPTER 28—Holiness Before The Lord

Scripture warning of counterfeits, marks of the genuine

CHAPTER 29—Promoting Holiness

Reasons for little done, how it may be done, face the truth, point out inconsistencies in professed Christians, knowledge of the doctrine, baptized by the Holy Ghost

CHAPTER 30—Holiness Opposed

In the Church, reasons

CHAPTER 31—Justification And Entire Sanctification Discriminated

Explanation of 1 Cor. 1, 2, and chapter following, degrees of sanctification, true works of grace,

definiteness, holiness, entire sanctification, perfect love

CHAPTER 32—Perfection

Prejudice against the term, New Testament use, meaning, progressive perfection, not perfect by faith, perfection not sanctification, not sought by prayer alone. Apostolic example, perfect service, always necessarily imperfect in some things, perfect love not cross, unkind

CHAPTER 33—Dead To Sin

Lack of this death in professors of holiness shown by fear to speak against popular sin, lack of love, self will, crucifixion to sin, how obtained, results

CHAPTER 34—Roots Of Bitterness

Troublesome things in pulpit and church

CHAPTER 35—Be Ye Holy

God’s command, importance, features examined, effects on life, possibility of obedience

CHAPTER 36—Be Ye Holy

Importance of the question, provision made for holiness, the word of God

CHAPTER 37—The Carnal Mind

Consideration of Greek words rendered “mind,” the carnal mind set on things earthly, sanctification turns the affections heavenward

CHAPTER 38—Seeking Holiness

Omit the “if,” put off the old, separation to God, the work of faith, the result, dying daily, feeling not evidence, the refining fire

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