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In January 1860 was issued at Buffalo, N. Y., the first number of The Earnest Christian by my beloved father. In the introductory article he states: “The doctrine of Christian Holiness as taught by Wesley and Fletcher, being as we conceive plainly enforced in the Word of God and constituting the real strength and power for good of the Church of Christ, will occupy a prominent place in our columns.” Readers of The Earnest Christian will testify that this promise was amply redeemed. For more than a quarter of a century his pen was busy with topics vital to godliness. The subject of Holiness was a constantly recurring theme.

This book is a compilation of the editorials written in the interval of the years 1860–1893. It necessarily must follow that there be some repetition of illustration and phraseology in articles written during such an extended period of time, without the logical connection that attaches to a formal treatise.

Immediately following the death of my father, Feb., 27, 1893, there came a demand for the publication of a collection of his editorial writings. The work has been undertaken amidst the exacting demands of school work, it has been a labor of love, and of personal spiritual good. The reception accorded this venture, will decide as to the publication of other volumes on other topics.

That this book may go forth to bless the world, with a fuller light and knowledge of God’s good will to man, is my hope, my prayer. Amen.

Benson Howard Roberts, A.M.

Chesbrough Seminary, North Chili, N. Y.
June 29, 1893

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