Mark Pasko




My name if Mark Pasko, and I am a 61 year old engineer who has been retired for the last six years. My purpose in writing this is to show how the Lord continues to use the most unlikely people to act in His name if they will only take the Great Commission seriously and take chances to get over their fears... many of which turn out to be self-induced and self-centered "boogy-men" with no reality behind them.

I was born legally blind and with great emotional problems into a poor and alcoholic family (I also became an alcoholic along with my father and two brothers). My mother was a very religious woman' and I attribute my faith to her. It is a faith that had kept me alive through childhood and adolescence. I may well have taken my own life without it. I also started going deaf in my mid-30's and now wear two hearing aids. These problems have not stopped me from having a full and rich life (except for driving a car) once I dealt with my own alcoholism back in 1991.

(Mark Pasko, 2013)

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