Christian View of God and the World

by James Orr


In 1886 Joan Kerr donated 3,000 pounds to the Scottish United Presbyterian Synod to sponsor a series of lectures on Christian history, ethics, doctrine, and worldview. The lecturer position was given to James Orr, and The Christian View of God and the World was published as a transcript of the lecture series. Orr's lectures covered topics such as general Christian worldview, the alternatives to Christianity, postulates about God's existence and sin, and the incarnation of Christ. The spoken nature of these lectures gives the text an understandable, conversational tone to even the heaviest theology. Orr is one of the best-known English-speaking theologians, and his brilliant mind produced a number of great works. These spoken lectures have a different feel than his prose, and fans of Orr will appreciate the new tone.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer

About James Orr

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Picture of James Orr
Picture of James Orr
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 1844
Died: AD 1913
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