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Hymn 102

John Newton


The worldling.

Lk 12:16-21127

“My barns are full, my stores increase,

And now, for many years,

Soul, eat and drink, and take thine ease,

Secure from wants and fears.”

Thus while a worldling boasted once,

As many now presume;

He heard the LORD himself pronounce

His sudden, aweful doom.

“This night, vain fool, thy soul must pass

Into a world unknown;

And who shall then the stores possess

Which thou hast called thine own.”

Thus blinded mortals fondly scheme

For happiness below;

Till death disturb the pleasing dream,

And they awake to woe.

Ah! who can speak the vast dismay

That fills the sinner’s mind;

When torn, by death’s strong hand, away,

He leaves his all behind.

Wretches, who cleave to earthly things,

But are not rich to God;

Their dying hour is full of stings,

And hell their dark abode.

Dear Savior, make us timely wise,

Thy gospel to attend;

That we may live above the skies,

When this poor life shall end.

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