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Hymn 101

John Newton


The heart taken.

Lk 11:21,22

The castle of the human heart

Strong in its native sin;

Is guarded well, in every part,

By him who dwells within.

For Satan there, in arms, resides,

And calls the place his own;

With care against assaults provides,

And rules, as on a throne.

Each traitor thought on him, as chief,

In blind obedience waits;

And pride, self–will, and unbelief,

Are posted at the gates.

Thus Satan for a season reigns,

And keeps his goods in peace;


The soul is pleased to wear his chains,

Nor wishes a release.

But Jesus, stronger far than he,

In his appointed hour

Appears, to set his people free

From the usurper’s pow’r.

“This heart I bought with blood, he says,

And now it shall be mine;”

His voice the strong one armed dismays,

He knows he must resign.

In spite of unbelief and pride,

And self, and Satan’s art;

The gates of brass fly open wide,

And Jesus wins the heart.

The rebel soul that once withstood

The Savior’s kindest call;

Rejoices now, by grace subdued,

To serve him with her all.

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