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Hymn 35

John Newton


Perplexity relieved.


Uncertain how the way to find

Which to salvation led;

I listened long, with anxious mind,

To hear what others said.

When some of joys and comforts told

I feared that I was wrong;

For I was stupid, dead, and cold,

Had neither joy nor song.

The Lord my lab’ring heart relieved,

And made my burden light;

Then for a moment I believed,

Supposing all was right.

Of fierce temptations others talked,

Of anguish and dismay;

Through what distresses they had walked,

Before they found the way.

Ah! then I thought my hopes were vain,

For I had lived at ease;

I wished for all my fears again,

To make me more like these.

I had my wish, the LORD disclosed

The evils of my heart;

And left my naked soul, exposed

To Satan’s fiery dart.

Alas! “I now must give it up,”

I cried in deep despair;

How could I dream of drawing hope,

From what I cannot bear!

Again my Savior brought me aid,

And when he set me free;

“Trust simply on my word, he said,

And leave the rest to me.”

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