–1. City of, built by Omri 1Ki 16:24

.Capitol of the kingdom of the ten tribes 1Ki 16:29; 22:51; 2Ki 13:1,10; 15:8

.Besieged by Ben-hadad 1Ki 20; 2Ki 6:24-33; 7

.The king of Syria is led into, by Elisha, who miraculously blinds him and his army 2Ki 6:8-23

.Ahab ruled in



.Besieged by Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, for three years; captured; the people carried away to Halah and Habor, cities of the Medes 2Ki 17:5,6; 18:9-11

.Idolatry of 1Ki 16:32; 2Ki 13:6

.Temple of, destroyed 2Ki 10:17-28; 23:19

.Paul and Barnabas preach in Ac 15:3

.Visited by Philip, Peter, and John Ac 8:5-25

–2. Country of Isa 7:9

.Foreign colonies distributed among the cities of, by the king of Assyria 2Ki 17:24-41; Ezr 4:9,10

.Roads through, from Judaea into Galilee Lu 17:11; Joh 4:3-8

.Jesus travels through Joh 4:1-42

.Jesus heals lepers in Lu 17:11-19

.The Good Samaritan from Lu 10:33-35

.No dealings between the Jews and the inhabitants of Joh 4:9

.Samaritans were expecting the Messiah Joh 4:25

.Disciples made from the inhabitants of Joh 4:39-42; Ac 8:5-8,14-17,25

.Jesus forbids the apostles to preach in the cities of Mt 10:5

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