–Also called SIMON BAR-JONA and CEPHAS Mt 16:16-19; Mr 3:16; Joh 1:42

–A fisherman Mt 4:18; Lu 5:1-7; Joh 21:3

–Call of Mt 4:18-20; Mr 1:16-18; Lu 5:1-11

–His mother-in-law healed Mt 8:14; Mr 1:29,30; Lu 4:38

–An apostle Mt 10:2; 16:18,19; Mr 3:16; Lu 6:14; Ac 1:13

–An evangelist Mr 1:36,37

–Confesses Jesus to be the Messiah Mt 16:16-19; Mr 8:29; Lu 9:20; Joh 6:68,69

–His presumption

.In rebuking Jesus Mt 16:22,23; Mr 8:32,33

.When the throng was pressing Jesus and the woman with the blood disorder touched him Lu 8:45

.In refusing to let Jesus wash Peter’s feet Joh 13:6-11


.At the healing of Jairus’ daughter Mr 5:37; Lu 8:51

.At the transfiguration Mt 17:1-4; Mr 9:2-6; Lu 9:28-33; 2Pe 1:16-18

.In the garden of Gethsemane Mt 26:36-46; Mr 14:33-42; Lu 22:40-46

–Seeks the interpretation -Of the parable of the steward Lu 12:41

–Of the law of forgiveness Mt 18:21

–Of the law of defilement Mt 15:15

–Of the prophecy of Jesus concerning his second coming Mr 13:3,4

–Walks upon the water of Lake Galilee Mt 14:28-31

–Sent with John to prepare the Passover meal Lu 22:8

–Calls attention to the withered fig tree Mr 11:21

–His treachery foretold by Jesus, and his profession of fidelity Mt 26:33-35; Mr 14:29-31; Lu 22:31-34; Joh 13:36-38

–Cuts off the ear of Malchus Mt 26:51; Mr 14:47; Lu 22:50

–Follows Jesus to the high priest’s palace Mt 26:58; Mr 14:54; Lu 22:54; Joh 18:15

–His denial of Jesus, and his repentance Mt 26:69-75; Mr 14:66-72; Lu 22:55-62; Joh 18:17,18,25-27

–Visits the gravesite of Jesus Lu 24:12; Joh 20:2-6

–Jesus sends message to, after the resurrection Mr 16:7

–Jesus appears to Lu 24:34; 1Co 15:4,5

–Present at Lake Tiberias when Jesus appeared to his disciples; jumps into the water, and comes to shore when Jesus is recognized; is commissioned to feed the flock of Christ Joh 21:1-23

–Lives in Jerusalem Ac 1:13

–His statement in front of the disciples concerning the death of Judas, and his recommendation that the vacancy in the apostleship be filled Ac 1:15-22

–Preaches on Pentecost day Ac 2:14-40

–Heals the immobile man in the portico of the temple Ac 3

–Accused by the council; his defense Ac 4:1-23

–Foretells the death of Ananias and Sapphira Ac 5:1-11

–Imprisoned and scourged; his defense before the council Ac 5:17-42

–Goes to Samaria Ac 8:14

–Prays for the reception of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit Ac 8:15-18

–Rebukes Simon, the sorcerer, who desires to purchase this power Ac 8:18-24

–Returns to Jerusalem Ac 8:25

–Receives Paul Ga 1:18; 2:9

–Visits Lydda; heals Aeneas Ac 9:32-34

–Visits Joppa; stays with Simon, the tanner; raises Dorcas from the dead Ac 9:36-43

–Has a vision of a sheet containing ceremonially clean and unclean animals Ac 10:9-16

–Receives the servant of the centurion; goes to Caesarea; preaches and immerses the centurion and his household Ac 10

–Advocates the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles in the hearing of the apostles and elders Ac 11:1-18; 15:7-11

–Imprisoned and delivered by an angel Ac 12:3-19

–Writes two epistles 1Pe 1:1; 2Pe 1:1

–Miracles of


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