–General scriptures concerning Le 26:36,37; De 20:8; 32:30; Jos 7:5; 23:10; Jud 7:3; Job 15:24; 18:11; Pr 28:1; 29:25; Isa 51:12,13; Ga 6:12; 2Ti 4:16



.Adam, in attempting to shift responsibility for his sin upon Eve Ge 3:12

.Abraham, in calling his wife his sister Ge 12:11-19; 20:2-12

.Isaac, in calling his wife his sister Ge 26:7-9

.Jacob, in flying from Laban Ge 31:31

.Aaron, in yielding to the Israelites, when they demanded an idol Ex 32:22-24

.The ten spies Nu 13:28,31-33

.The Israelites

In fearing to attempt the conquest of Canaan Nu 14:1-5; De 1:26-28

In the battle with the people of Ai Jos 7:5

To meet Goliath 1Sa 17:24

To fight with the Philistines 1Sa 13:6,7

.20,000 Of Gideon’s army Jud 7:3

.Ephraimites Ps 78:9

.Ephraimites and Manassehites Jos 17:14-18

.Amoritish kings Jos 10:16

.Canaanites Jos 2:11; 5:1

.Samuel, fearing to obey God’s command to anoint a king in Saul’s place 1Sa 16:2

.David, in fleeing from Absalom 2Sa 15:13-17

.Nicodemus, in coming to Jesus by night Joh 3:1,2

.Joseph of Arimathaea, secretly a disciple Joh 19:38

.Parents of the blind man, who was restored to sight Joh 9:22

.Early converts among the rulers Joh 12:42,43

.The disciples

During the storm at sea Mt 8:26; Mr 4:38; Lu 8:25

When they saw Jesus walking on the sea Mt 14:25; Mr 6:50; Joh 6:19

When Jesus was apprehended Mt 26:56

.Peter, in denying the Lord Mt 26:69-74; Mr 14:66-72; Lu 22:54-60; Joh 18:16,17,25,27

.Pilate, in condemning Jesus, through fear of the people Joh 19:12-16

.Guards of the sepulcher of Jesus Mt 28:4

.The Philippian jailer Ac 16:27

.Peter and other Christians, at Antioch (of Syria) Ga 2:11-14

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