Waiting On God!

by Andrew Murray


In Waiting On God!, Andrew Murray introduces Christians to the concept that we need more of God. We need to “train our people in their worship and to wait on God.” Murray divides this instruction into 31 chapters, which are ideal for daily devotions for any given month. With each of his mediations, Murray provides accompanying scriptural passages. Like much of Murray's work, Waiting On God!is a book of depth, producing new and important insights every time one reads it.Waiting On God! and the sequel, Working For God are outstanding devotionals from Andrew Murray that will uplift and challenge the believer who wishes to draw closer to God in both devotion and service. Although these daily lessons are relatively short, they are packed with spiritual insight. This public electronic version is based on images of the original publication, undated except for the date (3rd March 1894) by the author at the end of the Preface.


About Andrew Murray

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Picture of Andrew Murray
Picture of Andrew Murray
Source: Wikipedia
Born: May 9, 1828
Died: January 18, 1917
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