Spiritual Guide which Disentangles the Soul

by Miguel de Molinos


"My only scope was to teach the naked truth, with humility, sincerity, and perspicuity." Thus open Miguel Molinos' Spiritual Guide. Miguel Molinos was a pious, 17th century mystic and the founder of Quietism. Eventually his Quietist teachings were condemned, and he was jailed. Nevertheless, for a few years, his book Spiritual Guide was widely circulated. (It was even translated into every language in Europe at the time, within six years of its release.) In it, Molinos claims that true spirituality consists in passive reflection of God and withdrawal from the world. He interacts with many of the Church fathers, often citing their work. The overarching purpose of Spiritual Guide is to encourage believers to conform their will to that of God's. This version also includes a lesser-known work of Molinos: Brief Treatise Concerning Daily Communion. In that work, Molinos argues that believers should be allowed to take communion every day for their own spiritual benefit. Spiritual Guide is a controversial work, but many believers have found it spiritual food enlightening and helpful.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of Miguel de Molinos
Picture of Miguel de Molinos
Source: Wikipedia
Born: June 13, 1628
Died: December 28, 1696
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