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Studies in the Book of Common Prayer

by Herbert M. Luckock

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The Book of Common Prayer is the service guide used by the Catholic church for worship, sacraments, ordinations, etc. It was first written by Thomas Cranmer in 1549 under Edward VI of England. In 1881 Herbert Luckock published Studies in the Book of Common Prayer, a historical look at the evolution of the book, which has been revised and reprinted many times. He chronicles the Anglican Reform, Puritan Innovations, Elizabethan Reactions, and the Caroline Settlement with a chapter each. Luckock's work does not discuss any of the content of The Book of Common Prayer; rather, he is concerned with discovering how the content got there. His histories are very complete and include examinations of the people, events, theology, and politics that affected the formation of the book. The accounts are meticulously researched and as fascinating as they are lengthy. Luckock has written many works and was a respected teacher, college president, and Dean of Lichfield Cathedral. His record of The Book of Common Prayer is a tool that should be utilized by all who are familiar with this centerpiece of Anglican worship.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer
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About Herbert M. Luckock
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Born: 1833
Died: 1909
Related topics: Book of common prayer (Church of England), Church history, Church of England, Criticism, interpretation, etc., Divorce
Basic information: Herbert Mortimer Luckock (1833–1909) was an Anglican priest in the Church of England.
Popular works: Studies in the Book of Common Prayer