Exposition of Genesis: Volumes 1 and 2

by H. C. Leupold


H.C. Leupold’s two volumes on Genesis I and II have been praised by scholars as being everything an exegetical work ought to be. Written in the early twentieth century, this two-in-one volume has been tried and tested for decades, and remains much loved and often used today. Leupold provides careful exegesis and theological comment. His writing is well researched, and still easy to read. Leupold provides an introduction to the background of the book of Genesis before he jumps into his analysis of the text in his careful and well-thought-out commentary. This is a must-read for any scholar of the first book of the Bible, or for anyone desiring a greater understanding of the text.

Laura de Jong
CCEL Staff Writer

About H. C. Leupold

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Picture of H. C. Leupold
  Born: AD 1892
Died: AD 1972
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