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Ps 5:1-12. Upon Nehiloth—flutes or wind instruments. The writer begs to be heard, on the ground of God's regard for His covenant-people and true worshippers as contrasted with His holy hatred to the wicked. He prays for divine guidance, on account of his watchful, malignant, and deceitful enemies; and for their destruction as being also God's enemies. At the same time he expresses his confidence that God will extend aid to His people.

1. meditation—moanings of that half-uttered form to which deep feeling gives rise—groanings, as in Ro 8:26, 27.

2. Hearken—incline the ear (Ps 10:17; compare Ps 61:2)—give close attention.

my cry—that is, for help (Ps 61:2; Jer 8:19).

my King—thus by covenant relation interested in my cause.

3. direct—literally, "set in order," as the showbread was placed or set in order (Ex 40:23).

4. For, &c.—God only regards sincere worshippers.

evil—or, "the evil man."

dwell—lodge, remain under protection.

5. foolish—vainglorious and insolent.

iniquity—especially such as denotes a negation, or defect, that is, of moral principle.

6. leasing—a lie.

the bloody … man—literally, "man of blood"—murderer.

7. But—as in Ps 2:6, literally, "and."

house—(1Ch 9:23), the tabernacle.

temple—literally, "palace," applied to God's residence, the Holy of Holies (1Sa 3:3; 2Sa 22:7); the inner part of the tabernacle.

toward—not in; the high priest alone was allowed to enter.

8. enemies—literally, "watchers" (Ps 27:11), hence special need of guidance.

in thy righteousness—an attribute implying faithfulness in promises as well as threatenings.

make thy way straight—that is, make the way of providence plain.

9. The wicked are not reliable because by nature they are full of wickedness, or literally, "wickednesses," of every kind (Ro 8:7).

sepulchre—a dwelling-place of corruption, emitting moral putridness.

flatter—or, "make smooth."

their tongue—speaks deceitfully.

10. Destroy—or, "condemn" them to destruction as guilty.

11. defendest—(compare Margin).

love thy name—Thy manifested perfections (Ps 9:10).

12. with favour—or, "acceptance," alluding to the favor shown to an acceptable offering and worshipper (Le 7:18; 19:7).

shield—(compare Ps 3:3).

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