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Selected Stanzas:

Mrs. Findlater, 1854, in her Hymns from the Land of Luther.

Stanza 1. Quietly rest the woods and dales,
Silence round the hearth prevails,
The world is all asleep;
Thou, my soul, in thought arise,
Seek thy Father in the skies,
And holy vigils with Him keep.

Miss Winkworth, 1863, in her Chorale Book.

Stanza 1. Now all the woods are sleeping,
And night and stillness creeping
O'er (field and) city, man and beast;
But thou, my heart, awake thee,
To prayer awhile betake thee,
And praise thy Maker ere thou rest.

J. Kelly, 1863, in his Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs.

Stanza 1. Now spread are evening's shadows,
O'er forests, towns, and meadows,
And sleepeth every eye;
Awake my powers and sing ye,
And pray'r and praises bring ye,
That your Creator please on high!

J. Guthrie, 1869, in his Sacred Lyrics.

Stanza 1. The woods are hushed; o'er town and plain,
O'er man and beast, soft slumbers reign: 104
The world has gone to rest.
But thou, my soul, my every sense,
Wake up, thy Maker's praise commence,
And be that praise thy best.

In the Hymnal of Praise, 1913 (translator's name not given).

Stanza 1. The duteous day now closeth,
Each flow'r and tree reposeth,
Shade creeps o'er wild and wood.
Let us, as night is falling,
On God, our Maker calling,
Give thanks to Him, the Giver good.
Stanza 2. Now all the heavenly splendor
Breaks forth in starlight tender
From myriad worlds unknown;
And man, Thy marvel seeing,
Forgets his selfish being
For joy of beauty not his own.
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