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Der Tag mit seinem Lichte.--(Goed. 296.)

Appeared in Ebeling, 1666, 3, 26.

Compare with this:

(a) The hymn of J. A. Freylinghausen (1704)

"Der Tag ist hin, mein Geist und Sinn."

(This has been translated by Miss Winkworth, R. Massie, Miss Borthwick and others, and has much similarity of thought to Gerhardt's hymns.)

also (b) "Der Tag vergeht, die müde Sonne sinket" in Knapp's Evang. Liederschatz, 1837.

English Version:
1. The daylight disappeareth,
It fleeth and night neareth,
Its gloom is spreading o'er us.
With slumber to o'erpower us
And all the wearied earth. . . etc.

Stanza 1 of a complete translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 282.

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