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Der Tag ist hin mein Geist und

Freylinghausen. 1704.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

The day expires;

My soul desires

And pants to see that day,

When the vexing cares of earth

Shall be done away.

The night is here;

Oh! be Thou near,

Christ, make it light within;

Drive away from out my heart

All the night of sin.

The sunbeams pale,

And flee and fail;

O uncreated Sun!

Let Thy light now shine on us,

Then our joy were won.


All things that move

Below, above,

Now with sleep are blest,

Work Thou still in me, while I

Calmly in Thee rest.

When shall the sway

Of night and day

Cease to rule man thus?

When that brightest day of days

Once shall dawn on us.

Ah! never then

Her light again

Jerusalem shall miss,

For the Lamb shall be her Light,

Filling her with bliss.

Oh were I there!

Where all the air

With lovely sounds is ringing;

Where the saints Thee, Holy Lord,

Evermore are singing!

Lord Jesus, Thou

My rest art now,

Oh help me that I come,

Radient with Thy light to shine

In Thy glorious home!

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