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Soll ich meinem Gott nicht singen.--(Goed. 235.)

[Thanksgiving.] Cf. Koch, IV, 91 ff.

One of Gerhardt's finest hymns, setting forth God's love in His creation, redemption and sanctification of the world, His care in trouble. It closes with a prayer which R. Massie renders:

Grant me grace, O God, I pray Thee,
That I may with all my might
Love and trust Thee and obey Thee,
All the day and all the night;
And when this brief life is o'er
Love and praise Thee evermore.

The hymn was included in the 5th ed., Berlin, 1653, and in the Frankfurt ed., 1656, of Crü. Praxis, no. 230; thence in Wackernagel: no. 81; Bachmann: no. 60; Unv. L. S.: 1851, no. 722.

English Versions:
1. Shall I not his praise be singing.

Dr. Mills in his Horae Germanicae, 1845, p. 141, and 1856, p. 195.

This is a mediocre version, as it misses the characteristic points of the German. His stanzas II, IV-VII beginning "As the eagle fondly hovers," were included in the Amer. Luth. Gen. Synod's Collection, 1850-52, no. 35.

2. Shall I not sing praise to Thee.

A full and good translation by Miss Winkworth in her Lyra Ger., 1st Series, 1855; p. 200; also, omitting stanzas III-VI, VIII in her C. B. for England, 1863, no. 10. Included in full in Cantate Domino, Boston, U. S. A., 1859.

3. I will sing my Maker's praises.

A good translation omitting stanzas VI, VIII, contributed by R. Massie to the 1857 ed. of Mercer's C. P. & H. Bk., no. 185, reprinted in his own Lyra Domestica, 1864.147147[Cf. Lutheran Hymnary, #436]

4. Can I fail my God to praise.

A translation of stanzas I, III, IV, by F. C. C., as no. 218, in Dr. Pagenstecher's Collection, 1864.

5. Should I not, in meek adoring.

A translation of stanzas I-III by M. W. Stryker in his Hymns & Verses, 1883, p. 38, and Christian Chorals, 1885, no. 36.

6. Can I cease, my God, from singing.

In Lyra Davidica, 1708, p. 22.

7. Shan't I sing to my Creator.

J. C. Jacobi, 1732, p. 153. Repeated in the Moravian Hymn Books, 1754-1886, in some editions beginning, "I will sing to my Creator."

8. Shall I not my God be praising.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 240.

Selected Stanzas:

Dr. Mills in his Horae Germanicae, 1856.

1. Shall I not His praise be singing
Who in glory reigns above:--
Him my thanks and honors bringing,
For the blessings of his love?
Those, who with sincere endeavor
Keep the way that He has shown,
He will as his children own,
Yielding them a father's favor.
All things else their time will last
But His love, when Time is past.

Miss Winkworth, in her Chorale Book for England, 1863.

1. Shall I not sing praise to Thee,
Shall I not give thanks, O Lord?
Since for us in all I see
How thou keepest watch and ward;
How the truest tend'rest love
Ever fills Thy heart, my God,
Helping, cheering, on their road
All who in Thy service move.

M. W. Stryker, 1882, in his Christian Chorals, 1885.

1. Should I not, in meek adoring,
Thank my gracious God above
Whom I see on all things pouring
Forth the sunshine of His love? 71
For 'tis naught but Love's own loving
In his constant heart, doth care
Endlessly to love and bear
Those their love, in service proving.
All things last their portioned day--
    God's love to eternity.

Geh aus, mein Herz, und suche Freud.--(Goed. 239.)

(Cf. p. 131 ff.)

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