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P. Gerhardt, 1553

M. B. Landstad, 1861

C. Doving, 1906

Lutheran Hymnary, #455

Blessed is the man that never

Doth in godless counsel meet;

Nor in sinners' way stands ever,

Nor sits in the scorner's seat,

But on God's all-perfect law

Meditates with holy awe;

Day and night he delves for treasure

In the word--'tis all his pleasure.

As a tree that has been planted

By the flowing waters fair,

In its season e'er is granted

Fruits and foliage to bear,

So is he, the righteous, seen

Ever fruitful, ever green,

And his leaf shall wither never,

All he does shall prosper ever.

To the wicked 'tis not given

Such a happy lot to share;

As the chaff by wind is driven

So shall the ungodly fare;

They in judgment shall not stand,

Nor be in the righteous band:

These the Lord forsaketh never,

Those thall be cast off forever.

For the Lord His people knoweth,

His pure eyes behold their way,

And the blessing He bestoweth

Is their heritage for aye:

But the wicked ever tend

To their doom and to their end:

God will all the righteous cherish,

But the wicked ones shall perish.

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