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P. Gerhardt, 1653.

Miss Frances E. Cox, 1864.

Lutheran Hymnary, #383

I sing to Thee with voice and heart,

Of all my joys the well;

I sing, that, that I know Thou art

My lips to all may tell;

That Thou a fountain art of grace,

With blessings richly stored

For all, in every time and place,

This well I know, O Lord.

Cheer up, faint heart, rejoice and sing,

All anxious fear resign;

For God, the sovereign Lord and King,

Is thy God, even thine:

He is thy portion, He thy joy,

Thy life, and light, and Lord;

Thy counsellor when doubts annoy,

Thy shield and great reward.

In restless thoughts or dark despair

Why spend the day and night?

On Him who loves thee cast thy care;

He makes our burdens light:

Did not His love, and truth, and power

Watch o'er thy childhood's day?

Hath He not oft, in threatening hour,

Turned dreaded ills away!

His wisdom never plans in vain,

Ne'er falters, or mistakes;

All that His counsels wise ordain

A happy ending makes:

Upon thy mouth, then, lay thy hand,

And trust His guiding eye;

Thus, firm as rock, thy feet shall stand,

Now and eternally.

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