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P. Gerhardt, 1667.

J. Oxenford, 1859.

Lutheran Hymnary, #332

I know that my Redeemer lives,

In this my faith is fast;

And whatsoe'er against Him strives

Will surely fall at last.

He lives, the mighty One, I know,

Whose arm overcomes the strongest foe,

Who death and hell hath vanquished.

He lives, He lives; though dust shall lie

Upon my mouldering head,

Yet He will call me, by and by,

To quit an earthly bed;

And I shall waken at His voice,

Rise re-embodied, and rejoice

To look on my Redeemer.

His promise, who hath ne'er deceived,

In life and death I trust;

The Lord in whom I have believed

Will raise my sleeping dust:

In this my very flesh that dies

I shall revive, and with these eyes

Shall see the God who made me.

Myself shall see Him in my flesh,

With all His glory bright;

His presence shall my heart refresh,

And fill my soul with light.

Myself shall ever on Him gaze,

Myself shall ever sound His praise,

Myself, and not another.

Rise, then, my soul, e'en now, and life

In hope's divine abode!

Let earth and Satan vainly strive

To tear thee from thy God.

The bier, the coffin, let them show

The grave, the gloom, the worm--"I know

That my Redeemer liveth."

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