Essays on the Social Gospel

by Adolf Harnack


As Harnack saw it, the church of his day had become mired in unnecessary and even damaging creeds, dogmas, and theological systems. In his major works, he sought to return Christianity to its roots by tempering theology and tradition with historical criticism. Instead of ideas and ideological systems, Harnack focused on actions. He believed Christianity, rather than a list of beliefs to check off, was a way of life. In his Essays on the Social Gospel, he encourages Christians not only to care for the poor and the oppressed, but also to incorporate love and charity into every action.

Kathleen O’Bannon

CCEL Staff

About Adolf Harnack

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Picture of Adolf Harnack
Picture of Adolf Harnack
Source: Wikipedia
Born: May 7, 1851
Died: June 10, 1930
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